A Ford Raptor Limo?!

Check this out! Recently sent in to us by a fan, this white Ford F150 Raptor stretch limo was found in Quanzhou.




Since 2010 when Ford introduced the Ford Raptor, its popularity has grown tremendously over the years making it the best off road truck on the market today. Yet it appears someone decided to buy for it a different reason other than off-roading. This hideous limo has style in all the right places including a giant gull-wing rear doors and interior floor lighting just to name a few…(/sarcasm off)




An interesting question to ask yourself is how are these RaptorsĀ even getting into China in the first place? as we all know, Ford has and continues to remain intent on having its best-selling vehicle platform denied to China making this import into the country some shady black market business.




So Raptor fans, what do you think? Should Ford open up and sell Raptors in China so we can see more of this?

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