Shelby Ford Raptor

A complete Shelby Ford Raptor build, equipped with a 575 hp supercharged engine, intercooler, and Shelby Stinger exhaust. This Ford Raptor was made for off-road terrain.


Addictive Desert Designs builds a mean and durable Ford Raptor bumper that can handle any off-road terrain you throw at it. The Stealth Fighter front bumper comes equipped with a 20 inch light bar with dual 6 inch light bars in the top hoop. A custom Shelby logo has been etched in the paneling to compliment the rest of the build.



The off-road look wouldn’t be complete without a rugged chase rack. To match the front and rear bumpers an Addictive Desert Designs chase rack was also equipped on the truck. The chase rack has a spot for a spare tire as well as ample room on the roof rack to store any off-road goodies you might take on your expedition. Mounted on the roof rack are also two 40 inch light bars, one forward facing, the other rear facing.



King’s 3″ inch shocks and springs create a smooth off-road experience. The suspension is also equipped Shelby Uniball upper control arms and lower control arms.


To handle the tough terrain 35″ Goodrich Mud Terrain tires finish the off-road build.



Shelby Ford Raptor in Action

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  1. Dheeraj
    October 14, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    This build is such a jaw dropping one. I wonder , how much it would cost to put one together like this!

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