Ford Raptor Lower Control Arm

Today we are looking at these new Ford Raptor Lower Control Arms from Addictive Desert Designs. After talking to head Engineer Daniel Bohler, they wanted something that would not only enhance the drive of the vehicle but offer more versatility to the front of the truck. He explained after months of research and development from the top people in the racing industry he believes these are the best engineered and most versatile arms currently on the market.

ford raptor lower control arm

So what’s so good about it?

The new ADD Lower Control Arm not only enhances the drive of the vehicle, but upgrading it will make it handle better, and allow you to push it to the max in your off-road adventures. They are made using 3/16″ steel plate, Race Quality Bushings and Stainless Steel Spacers making it the strongest Lower Control Arm on the market. Another added benefit is that it will work with a stock shock or aftermarket shock and the arm can also work with a stock spindle!

lower control arm ford raptor

After reviewing these, it seems the engineering team over at Addictive Desert Designs has spent a great deal of time optimizing this product to give you what you need for your off-road and racing needs. To find more information on the new Lower Control Arm click here.

lower control arm

Ford Raptor Lower Control Arm in Action

Baja Proven. Baja Tested. Below is a video of the new Lower Control Arms in action when ADD participated in this year’s 2014 Trail of Missions.

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