Ford Raptor Front Bumper Installation – Stealth Fighter by Addictive Desert Designs

Upgrade Your Ford Raptor Front Bumper

The Stealth Fighter Ford Raptor Front Bumper is the perfect way to spice up the look of your truck. Built by Addictive Desert Design, this bumper combines the traditional pre-runner tubing with a panel encapsulating look that gives your Ford Raptor an innovative style.


Before You Begin

  1. Park the vehicle on level ground with the emergency brake set then disconnect the negative terminal on the battery.
  2. You will need the following tools:
    • 90′ drill
    • ½” drill bit
    • ¾” wrench
    • ¾” Socket
    • Ratchet
    • 15mm socket and ratchet
    • Sharpie type marking pen
    • Center punch
  3. Hardware Included:
    • 8 – ½” x 1 ½” Bolts
    • 8 – ½” Nuts
    • 12 – ½” Flat washers

(2 – 15mm Skid plate Bolts will be re-used in the installation)


  1. Remove factory Front Bumper and front skid plate

    (Keep the 2 – 15mm Skid plate Bolts for re-use.)

  2. Fit the Bumper onto the truck and use the a Sharpie to mark the frame horn to drill the ½” holes.

    The red arrows are the holes to be drilled, the blue arrows show the factory slots.

    ford raptor bumper installation

    Step 2: Drill holes marked by red arrows. Blue arrows mark the original factory holes.

    Slots and holes will be opposite for the Drivers side.

    (Now is a great time to install lights if you have some.)

  3. Unbolt your tow guards and move them back one hole.


    Step 3: Unbolt tow guards and move back one hole.

  4. Fit the bumper back onto the truck and attach using the supplied ½” x 1 ½” Bolts (8 ea.), ½” Nuts (8 ea.) and ½” Flat Washers (12 ea.).

    Leave finger tight until all of the bolts are installed, then tighten to 70 ft/lbs.

    (The Upper outside holes will not be used and the holes will be kept open.)

  5. Attach the lower section using the 2 – 15mm Skid Plate Bolts taken from the factory skid plate.

    ford raptor bumper installation

    Step 5: Attach the lower section using the factory skid plate bolts.


Make sure to check all mounting bolts and re-tighten if needed after 100 miles and periodically thereafter.


More Information

If you need any support or technical assistance with your Ford Raptor Bumper contact Addictive Desert Designs for more information.

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