Custom Ford Raptor – Copper Sarasota Ford Build

Sarasota Ford’s new Copper custom Ford Raptor build is definitely interesting. This Raptor is equipped with Addictive Desert Designs aftermarket parts, Rigid Industries lighting, customized Fuel wheels, standard Ford Raptor suspension, and a copper semi-matte looking finish.




This custom Ford Raptor is equipped with Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Front Bumper, Dimple R Rear Bumper, and Venom Side Steps. The Stealth front bumper comes with a mount for a 40″ light bar in the top hoop, a mount for a 20″ light bar in the skid plate, and mounts for a pair of duallys on each side of the bumper. Addictive Desert Designs did a custom cutout in the skid plate with the Raptor SVT logo to accentuate the overall look of the truck. Its also sporting their new redesigned Dimple R rear bumper with mounts for duallys and Venom Side Steps with a red LED strip to accent the copper finish.



Mounted in the front bumper top hoop is a 40″ E-Series light bar, a 20″ E-Series light bar in the skid plate, and white and amber duallys on the side from Rigid Industries.


Fuel Wheels complete the look of the build with a gloss black finish and a custom copper orange Fuel logo in the center of the wheel.


Fox Racing Shox come standard with the Ford Raptor. The rest of the suspension looks to be intact.


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