2017 Ford Raptor FAQ


When does the all-new Raptor go on sale?

The all-new Raptor goes on sale by next fall. [Note: It will be a 2017 model year product.]

Is the 10-speed transmission in Raptor the same one co-developed with GM?

The all-new 10-speed transmission in the Ford Raptor is part of the joint development agreement announced with GM in April 2013. Raptor’s transmission is specially calibrated and engineered for the truck and will be built by Ford.

Is that a production vehicle on the show floor? Can consumers buy the color combo?

While this is a production vehicle, this show truck is displayed in a show color. That color combination currently is not available for production.

Will Raptor also be available as a SuperCrew configuration?

Yes. In addition to the SuperCab with 133-inch wheelbase, there will also be a SuperCrew configuration with 145-inch wheelbase.

Why doesn’t Raptor save up to 700 pounds of weight, like the rest of the F-150 lineup?

We have reallocated some of the F-150’s overall weight savings by prioritizing off-road capability, giving the all-new Raptor a purpose-built, heavy-duty frame, specialized four-wheel-drive system and unique FOX Racing suspension that’s more capable than the previous Raptor’s suspension.

What are the fenders made of?

Sheet-molded composite (SMC) like the previous Raptor.

Why did you change the Raptor’s engine from a V8 to EcoBoost V6?

The Raptor’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost is all-new, from the engine block to its turbos and first-ever dual exhaust. It delivers more horsepower and torque than the outgoing 6.2-liter V8, perfect for high-performance off-roading.

How much power will the all-new Raptor have?

The Raptor’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost delivers more horsepower and torque than the outgoing 6.2-liter V8. We will share more information closer to launch.

Will the Raptor’s new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine be available for other F-150 models?

This is exclusive for Raptor at this point.

Will the 10-speed transmission be available for other F-150 models?

Yes. Future F-150 models will also share this transmission. We will have more news to share later.

How does Smart Terrain Management work?

The driver can quickly adjust the Raptor’s driving dynamics to match the environment and terrain conditions – from sand to mud to snow – using +/- buttons on the steering wheel. When engaged, Smart Terrain Management automatically controls the transfer case traction split between front and rear wheels, transmission shift points and the anti-lock brake system to help adapt driving dynamics to the set terrain conditions.

How is the Raptor’s frame stronger?

While today’s Raptor started with a standard F-150 frame, this time we reengineered the frame from front to back specifically for Raptor, with thicker gauge, high-strength steel and redesigned shock mounts.

Did you do this because of frame-bending problems in the previous Raptor?

A very small number of Raptor owners reported damage after driving beyond their vehicle’s capabilities. As always, when driving through new off-road terrain, Raptor owners need to scout the area first and build speed slowly as they become familiar with driving conditions. [If pushed: Raptor is Built Ford Tough, but, like any other vehicle ,it can be damaged if used beyond its capabilities.]

What are Raptor’s driving modes?

There are six preset modes for Raptor that change the calibration of its powertrain, driveline, traction control, ABS and AdvanceTrac stability control for optimal performance depending on the terrain and driving conditions: Normal for everyday driving; Street Performance for sportier on-road performance; Weather for rain, snow or ice-covered roads; Mud and Sand for muddy and sandy trails and terrain; Baja for high-speed desert running and Rock for low-speed rock crawling.

How much can Raptor tow and haul?

We will share Raptor’s towing and payload ratings closer to launch.

How many Raptors will you build? Is the Raptor a limited-production vehicle?

We will build enough Raptors to meet customer demand, but it is a low-volume vehicle built for off-road enthusiasts.

How much will the Raptor cost?

We will discuss pricing closer to launch.

How were sales of the previous Raptor?

While we don’t discuss specific sales volumes, Raptor is the best-selling Ford Performance truck ever. Raptor’s best sales year was 2014, its fifth year on the market.

Will the new Raptor compete in the 2015 Baja 1000?

We will share more information at a later time.

Are you going to see the all-new Raptor overseas? What about in China, where there’s a large grey market?

We already sell Raptor overseas in the Gulf Cooperative States. We see opportunity for other global Raptor sales but have no further news to share today.

Does the 2017 F-150 Raptor get SYNC 3?


Is Raptor the first F-150 to get SYNC 3?

No. We will announce the SYNC 3 roll-out plan closer to availability.

When do F-150 models get SYNC 3?

SYNC 3 will first launch on 2016 model-year vehicles. We will announce specific models later this year. All vehicles in North America will receive SYNC 3 by the end of 2016.

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