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Custom Ford Raptor – Copper Sarasota Ford Build

Sarasota Ford’s new Copper custom Ford Raptor build is definitely interesting. This Raptor is equipped with Addictive Desert Designs aftermarket parts, Rigid Industries lighting, customized Fuel wheels, standard Ford Raptor suspension, and a copper semi-matte looking finish. This custom Ford Raptor is equipped with Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Front Bumper, Dimple R Rear Bumper, and Venom Side Steps. The Stealth… Read more →

Year-by-Year: 2014 Ford Raptor Model Year Changes

2014 – Ford Raptor Not much has changed for the Raptor between 2013 and 2014. The 2014 model year is identical to the 2013, offering the same performance, utility, and cosmetic packages. Ford did offer a new Special Edition 2014 Ford Raptor which included new cosmetic upgrades that can not be found in any other model year. The Special Edition… Read more →

Custom Ford Raptor – Orange Crush Build by Prestige Design

Prestige Design did this awesome “Orange Crush” custom Ford Raptor build decked out with Addictive Desert Designs Venom bumpers and chase rack, wheels, custom graphics, and wrapped in a vivid orange color. We love seeing complete custom Ford Raptor builds like this one. What do you think? Is the orange too much? Read more →

Year-by-Year: 2013 Ford Raptor Model Year Changes

2013 – Ford Raptor After four iterations of the SVT Raptor, Ford has perfected its performance so not much has changed for the 2013 Ford Raptor model year, its still the power horse that its always been with some minor cosmetic changes. Some good news for off-road enthusiasts, Ford kept the Torsen front differential for the 2013 Ford Raptor that… Read more →

Year-by-Year: 2012 Ford Raptor Model Year Changes

2012 – Ford Raptor Ford’s biggest change of the 2012 F-150 SVT Raptor was to upgrade to a Torsen front differential. The Ford Raptor was built for off-road terrain so it only makes sense for Ford to offer more control under harsh conditions. Its true the Raptor shines in off-road performance, but the 4WD system wasn’t designed to climb rocks.… Read more →

Year-by-Year: 2011 Ford Raptor Model Year Changes

2011 – Ford Raptor After the introduction of the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor for the 2010 model year Ford began tweaking and refining their truck to offer the absolute best. One of the biggest changes Ford made to the Raptor in 2011 was making a 6.2 liter V-8 engine standard. Say goodbye to the 5.4 liter V-8 from the 2010… Read more →