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Year-by-Year: 2010 Ford Raptor Model Year Changes

Currently there are four different model year Ford Raptors on the market and since its release in 2010 the Ford Raptor has undergone various changes. These changes range from cosmetic, to add-on packages, and performance changes. But which one is right for you? The Year-by-Year series of articles will go over the major Ford Raptor model year changes so you… Read more →

Ford Raptor Replacement Spindle

Addictive Desert Designs has been rolling out their new suspension parts and to go along with their recently released Ford Raptor Lower Control Arms they have also recently released a Ford Raptor Replacement Spindle. The stock replacement spindle will work with stock and replacement upper and lower control arms, tie-rods, and brake kits. It is a complete Ford Raptor stock… Read more →

Ford Raptor Lower Control Arm

Today we are looking at these new Ford Raptor Lower Control Arms from Addictive Desert Designs. After talking to head Engineer Daniel Bohler, they wanted something that would not only enhance the drive of the vehicle but offer more versatility to the front of the truck. He explained after months of research and development from the top people in the… Read more →

2017 Ford Raptor EcoBoost V6?

The 2017 Ford Raptor was spotted out in the wild again, but this time with an interesting tidbit. Chris Doane Automotive was able to grab some new photographs of the truck. reports that the photographer noted that when the new Raptor accelerated it sounded more like an EcoBoost V6 than the current model’s V8. The 2017 Ford Raptor also… Read more →

2017 Ford Raptor Spotted

A prototype model of the 2017 Ford Raptor has been spotted out in the wild. KGP Spy Photography was able to get some pictures of the upcoming Ford Raptor redesign. It looks like this 2017 Ford Raptor prototype model is wearing a mashup of the F-150 aluminum body with SVT Raptor parts. By switching to an aluminum body it should… Read more →

Addictive Desert Designs 2014 Trail of Missions Teaser

Addictive Desert Designs has released a video teaser of their trip during the 2014 Trail of Missions showing off their new Ford Raptor stock replacement spindle and lower control arm in action. More Info Check out our write up on the 2014 Trail of Missions for more information about the event. You can find more information about Addictive Desert Designs… Read more →

A Ford Raptor Limo?!

Check this out! Recently sent in to us by a fan, this white Ford F150 Raptor stretch limo was found in Quanzhou.     Since 2010 when Ford introduced the Ford Raptor, its popularity has grown tremendously over the years making it the best off road truck on the market today. Yet it appears someone decided to buy for it… Read more →

Ford Raptor Bumper Installation – Venom by Addictive Desert Designs

How to install a Venom Ford Raptor Bumper. You’re probably eager to install Addictive Desert Design’s Venom front Ford Raptor bumper. This bumper was built to have a sleek minimalist design and it is 100% bolt-on that requires absolutely no welding, which makes it one of the toughest Ford Raptor parts you can buy. It is available for 2010 –… Read more →

Desert Assassins 2014 Trail of Missions

The 2014 Trail of Missions by Desert Assassins, hosted by trophy truck driver Cameron Steele, took place between June 24th to the 30th. The trip was a rigorous 1,600 mile outing from Tecate to Cabo along the Baja California Peninsula visiting several Spanish Mission locations. Attending the Trail of Missions were companies Addictive Desert Designs, Currie Enterprises, Fox Shox, and… Read more →